One Cell
Cell formation
1. Working all together!  
As ever and with this project too, what is absolutely essential is the commitment of a large number of local people. In the realisation of this project everyone should find their own part to play. We mean here that

each person should be allowed to help

in the way that they are best suited.
The skills and involvement of the people in the country, in which the project is planned, should have first priority. The work done by each person on location, their dedication, the amount of their labour and material, will convince them of the need for a change in the climate which will above all have a significant effect on local sociological behaviour. Self-interest is to be supported.
What is not wanted is the situation where a group of academics arrive, do their experiments and disappear a few years later. Better is that situation where people then are motivated to be active themselves and hence change their own intolerable conditions.
At the beginning of the project, at the preparation stage, there should be a group of experts who follow and help coordinate the work, composed of the following people:
  1. A documentry reporter
  2. Biologist/plant expert
    Important is knowledge about the development of plants in extremely hot dry climates, likewise knowledge about halophyten etc
  3. Botanist
  4. Geologist/meteorologist
  5. Technicians capable of looking after the desert stations (solar cells, water and supplies).
  6. Translator
  7. Representatives who are suitably qualified to be able to deal with local government officials and who can best represent the aims of this project.
  8. Journalists who summarize the gathered documentary information and pass it on in suitable form to other press agencies and government departments. They would also be responsible for dealing with the internal flow of information in the organisation.
Besides tending the pilot project in a semiarid area in Europe (Spain or France), they would also take care of the world wide distribution of reports ( Eg via internet) in order to motivate as many people as possible. This motivation can, besides making the project known, also create interest using the following:
  • Calls for donations!
  • Fundraising
  • Adoption of a cell or a tree!
  • Active participation under supervision. Similiar to the work in a Kibbutz, etc.
Everyone should be given the possibility to directly help to change the process of erosion occurring in deserts around the world, no matter how near or far they are personally from the endangered area. There is enough to do for everyone, whether old or young, whether rich or poor. Taking care of the earth through direct activies, is a human need, which has not been given a chance to appear.
2. Living together, Act together!  
We hope that you, dear reader are able to identify with this Project. We need you to get involved. If you are a member of an organisation which is also closely involved with restoration of water resources, or desertification etc, then we would be only too glad to hear from you to see how we could combine resources in order to work together to resolve the above problems.
We know that the above outline is not the last and best solution. There are many points where much more work and thought is required. It is however a start. Not one which dries up in the sand like the water in the desert.
It should be a challenge now to act,
consciously towards the earth itself,
and look at ourselves,
how we exist and where!
If we want to make a change, then this is the place where our actions can have the greatest effect. Be significant - to the generations still to come.

Michael Schrading
3. Contact addresses:  
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