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2005 May the 3.
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    On this day we had a lot discussions with participant of Italy. Above you see Giogio Ghilieri and Prof. Riccardo Velentini, who showed a big interest in our project. They told us that in the south of Italy there are similarly earth deepening, which came up on a natural manner. In the middle of this recesses a big forest has been developed in spite of the strong arid and great heat on the ground.

In some discussions with African representatives we felt sorry to explain that there wasn't any project that was realized.
This was the reason that a lot of visitors were disappointed about this none -existing project. It is very important to collect experiences with a "pilot-project", so that we will be able to show that we will have success to change the desert into "Green Land" every where at every place.

In the further run during the day we have had contact with following persons:

Person Organisation Country/State Remarks
Herr Giogio Ghilieri Università Degli Di Sassari Italy professor for geology email: ghiglieri@uniss.it
Herr Prof. Riccardo Velentini Università Degli Studi Della Tuscia Italy Department of Forest Science and Environment
Dr. Mohamadou Mansour N'Diaye UNCCD UN Special Assistant to the Executive Secretary
eMail: mndiaye@unccd.int
Mr. Brendan Nolan Wingspread International Ireland Foxwood, Flemmingstown South, naas, Co.Kildare
phone: 00353 (0) 45889364
email: brendan@wingspread.ie
  Ministry for Economic co-operation und development Germany Official seat Bonn
Stresemannstraße 94
53113 Bonn
Phone: +49(0)228535-0
email: poststelle@bmz.bund.de