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2005 May the 4.
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    Mr. Esikuri of the World Bank told us that he was looking for projects and organisations which are successful by combating against the desertification. It's important that the project comes close to the local conditions. This project is not suitable for every location. For him it was necessary to hear from us how we can adapt our project to the local geological and social conditions. An adoption of our idea is surely necessary. The world bank makes the money available to the project, if we will be able to demonstrate a provable and sufficient success.

In the further run during the day we have had contact with following persons:

Person Organisation Country/State Remarks
Dr. H. Grell GTZ Germany Conseiller Technique Principal
email: macilss@liptinfor.bf
Herr Fadul Beshir El-Hag Adventist Development and Relief Agency Sudan The Sudan Director Um Jwasir Project
email: fadulbeshir10@hotmail.com
Ph.D. Enos E. Esikuri The World Bank USA Technical Specialist Environment Department
Sandra Hermelin INDER CIARA (Fundacion de Capacitacion e Innovation Para el Desarrollo Rubal Venezuela Especialista En Desarrollo Rudal
email: prosalafa@cantv.net