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  Michael Schrading Clive Stewart  
    Dipl.-Ing. Michael Schrading   BSc (Hons) UK Clive Stewart  
    When we heard about the UNCCD CRIC3 Convent it was a great opportunity for us to seize to go not only into the public with our idea but also to come in discussion with people from other countries and speak about their problems and the ideas how to solve them.
To come in contact with as many people as possible and to show our idea to turn the desert into green land has been our conception. The problem was that we are not members of any organisation. And only organisations are certified to participate. After a long time searching and many discussions we found:
Fundación Global Nature
Centro de Educación Ambiental “La Dehesa”
C / Gabriel y Galán, 17 E-10694 TORREJÓN EL RUBIO
Cáceres / España
It was the only Non Profit Organisation we found which was ready to announce us at the UNCCD CRIC3. Of course we had no voice to speak in the name of the Fundación Global Nature, but with this announcement we were in the situation to participate.
On this occasion we would like to say many thanks. Specially we want to give our thanks to Mrs. Cristina Poguntke. She was able to communicate with us in German and to translate our questions into Spain. So many thanks to her.

We paid for all the costs for our journey and stay in Bonn. And for the announcement we promised to send a report of our attendance at the UNCCD which will follow now in a chronological way.

Furthermore we want so say sorry for the delay of this report and hope the Fundación Global Nature will find it useful for their next projects.