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2005 May the 8.+9.
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The plenary hall
    We participated in a meeting of NGO's group, the so called "European networking initiative on Desertification" ,(eniD), although we were no member of them.These European NGO groups united to work together for a better coordination of actions. Lauren Naville is an approach address for all questions. If the Spanish NGO Fundación Global Nature wants to participate with them they should call her immediately to become a member!!

In the further run during the day we have had contact with following persons:

Person Organisation Country/State Remarks
Lauren Naville Dryland Coordination Group Norway Information Officer for the European networking initiative on Desertification (eniD) All interested European NGO can be participate. But only one NGO per country.
email: info@drylands-group.org
Oleg Tsaruk WWF
Uzbekistan Worldwide Fund for Nature
Uzbekistan National Coordinator
eMail: ots@physic.uzsci.net
GTD France Consortium mostly French organisations
BothEnds Netherlands NGO
Supporting inspiring environment initiates all over the World
eMail: info@bothends.org