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2005 May the 7.
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    By chance we met a delegation from Spain from a company named Tragsa Grupo. This private company was asked to take part in the convention CRIC3 in the name of the Spanish government. We very really surprised that only so few Spanish organizations took part in this important meeting and that it was a company and not persons from the government area.
The German organisation BEGINN is a good partnern in the Pre-planning and conceptional draft of a experimental plant.

In the further run during the day we have had contact with following persons:

Person Organisation Country/State Remarks
Tragsa Grupo Spain Private Company
email: bbgo@tragsatec.es oder
Wolfgang Meyer BEGINN System Invent Germany Sea water desalination plants, Solar energy generators email: eMail: wfwmeyer@t-online.de
Mr. Hama Arba Diallo UNCCD UN Executive Secretary
Secretariat of the Convention to Combat Desertification
More informationen provides:
Mrs Cheemin Kwon
eMail: ckwon@unccd.int