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2005 May the 6.
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    Mrs. Britta Chafik (above) is an expert in geology and works in the University of Bonn (Germany). She had a great interest in our project and wanted to keep in contact with us. Her husband is Moroccan and works in Morocco. He has a lot of relations to the GTZ and also experience with similar projects in Morocco.

In the further run during the day we have had contact with following persons:

Person Organisation Country/State Remarks
Dipl.-Umweltwiss. Britta Chafik Uni Bonn Germany Bodenkundlerin
email: b.chafik@t-online.de oder chafik@boden.uni-bonn.de
Dr. Erian The Arab Center For The Studies of Arid Zones And Dry Land Saudi Arab email: erian@acsad.org
Ms Zakiya Uzorra-Wadada Caribbean Network for Integrated Rural Development Trinidad & Tobago Director of Programmes
email: info@ruskonsulatbonn.de