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    Balearic Islands
    To Combat desertification on this earth is a real challenge in this century. Many countries are infected by this threatening situation. That we have to act now became clear for all the people who had participated in the CRIC3 of the UNCCD.
With our idea to combat desertification we want to make a contribution to this problem. The conference in Bonn helped us to come into contact with many important people with which we want to keep in contact. We hope our idea will not die away but will be taken up and become to a real project. To come further in this is to have a Pilot-Project with which we can learn and collect experience and offer them for other countries which are confounded from desertification.
For us Spain would be the best country in Europe to start with. Because there exist sufficient infrastructure and European technique which are needed for this project. Spain is a country in europe which is strongly affected by desertification. To back-conquer the desertificated country and to give back its life and natural environment is our goal with this idea. We hope
Fundación Global Nature
will help us with this.